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The Father Daughter Effects eBook:
A groundbreaking workbook, that helps women of all ages understand how the relationship with their father has influenced who they are and who they love.

Are You Ready to Feel Great About Yourself?
Isn't it Time that You Begin Making the Best Choices for Your Love Life?

Working Through Your Father Daughter Issues Will:
Raise Your Self Esteem, Improve Your Love Relationships,
Resolve Your Deepest Issues and so much more!

Shari Jonas, B.A, F.L.E
Father Daughter Coach
Family Life Educator
Human Relations Counsellor

Save hundreds of Hours of Therapy with the
Father Daughter Effects eWorkbook $39.97
Download the eWorkbook for $39.97

Dear Knowledge Seeker,

If you need to know why you are drawn to certain types of men or why you are afraid to commit, but can't seem to figure it all out on your own.

If you need to understand why you do what you do in relationships, but don't have the resources to reveal the truth.

If you need to change your patterns, break bad habits or stop the cycle in order to find personal or relationship happiness, then this is exactly what you have been looking for.

Here's what you will find:

A Proven Method For Discovering Your True Self and Finding Happiness in Your Love Relationships

Look, I've been in your shoes. I had "issues" growing up. My father and mother divorced when I was only 3 years old. When my father left, I didn't see it as their marriage ending. I saw it as my daddy leaving ME. How is a young girl supposed to understand the difference? One day, my daddy was there and the next day, he wasn't. Years later, he left the country. In short, my daddy abandoned me and I felt unloved and unwanted. So, I made sure that I would never have to feel that pain again. I walked away from every relationship I was in, because whether it was good for me or not, I was reliving my father daughter experience, over and over again.

There is a formula to breaking the patterns that our fathers have created and free ourselves from cycle that dictates the success and happiness of our most intimate relationships.

There is a method to revealing the layers of our childhood, to discovering how our father's influence has affected who we are and who we have loved. Through these lessons, you will feel empowered by this knowledge and excited to make the changes in your life. It will be an unforgettable journey!

I have done it and I can teach it to you so that you can experience the same wonderful benefits that I have. Or you can wait 5 more years and hope to figure it all out on your own.

It didn't happen for me until I was 33 year old, divorced and living alone  with my 3 year old son. And get this, I thought that divorce would never happen to me! But, it must have been my destiny. For had I not destroyed that marriage, I would have never discovered the truth behind my lifelong suffering. I would have never truly understood how deeply affected I was by my father. I would have never healed and never personal truth.

This journey will be an amazing experience.

And the best part is....

You Can Become Free From the Emotional Chains of Your Father Daughter Relationship!

I have been in many relationships, I've attracted men that were either completely opposite to my father or reminded me of him. But, that wasn't all. I had a developed some nasty relationship patterns and I had no idea why. And, many good guys got away. Finally, when my biological clock ticked loud enough, I decided it was time to get married. So, I chose a man who was so completely different from my father, guaranteeing myself that I would NOT make the same mistake that my mother had made.

Can you relate to this? Do you understand what I'm talking about? Do you know that mistake which you swore you would never repeat?

Why is it that when we want to avoid repeating our past so badly, we end up...repeating it? And, you have no idea HOW that could have possibly happened because you were so sure that you were doing everything right!

It's really quite simple. We can't change old learned, childhood behaviors unless we look them straight in the face, confront them and knock them off their feet! I know how to help you to recognize the depth and magnitude of your father's influence  and most importantly, how to dismantle it. When you follow my footsteps, walk the same path as I did and use my proven blueprint workshop along the road to self discovery, you will create amazing results in your life and your love relationships.

And to make it easy, I've made sure that you only need to do a few things.

1.  Be able to recall with clarity how your father made you feel, the type of person that he was, what type of relationship your parents had...

2.  Want to reveal how your significant other is similar/opposite to your father's personality, how you are similar or opposite to him, the relationship patterns that you have developed...

3.  Are ready to change what you don't like about yourself, stop the cycle of trying to mend your childhood relationship with your father, let go of the emotional baggage that ways you down...

What about finally being able to experience personal growth, where self love, self worth and self confidence are the "icing on the cake"? amazing would it be if you could attract love and respect in a healthy, intimate relationship?

In fact, if you join my program right now, you could be enjoying wonderful results within days.

How would you feel if you were to...

  • Enhance the quality of your most significant and intimate relationship
  • Overcome issues of trust and insecurity
  • Stop filling your emotional voids with food, drugs, alcohol or meaningless sex
  • Break negative relationship patterns
  • Expect more and achieve more from yourself
  • Live without worrying about pleasing everyone else
  • Attract the love and respect that you deserve
  • Stop being a victim and become empowered!
  • Live in the present and let go of your past
  • Improve your self image, self esteem, self worth & self confidence
  • Believe that you can love yourself and that's enough 
  • Know that you will not repeat your parents mistakes just because they were your parents 
  • Feel confident that you are a wonderful woman, capable of experiencing a loving relationship.

Here Are Some Questions You Might Have

If you and I were just talking, you might have some questions about whether the Father Effects Workshop will really work for you. Since we're not sitting face to face, let me answer a few commonly asked questions...

"I can't or I won't talk to my father. How can this program work for me?"
You never have to communicate with someone who has deeply affected you in order for you to recover from the pain. Addressing issues is a personal journey, taken by yourself and with yourself. Confrontation is not often an option and is not necessary for self discovery and personal growth.

"My relationship with my significant other is fine. Its my daughter that I'm worried about. How can this program help her?
That really depends on your daughter's age and her attitude. Teenagers, for example, can be very rebellious and stubborn, unwilling to admit that they have been hurt and unable to see what they are doing wrong in a relationship. You can certainly benefit from joining the program and inviting her to do the work with you.

"I married a man who is just like my Father. We have our share of problems. But I can't change him...I've tried. I can't divorce him either. We have a life together. Clearly, I'm unhappy. Could your program help me?
Absolutely! The change will take place within you. It's the domino effect. Finding yourself, finding your happiness, doesn't mean divorcing your husband. On the contrary, finding your peace, improving your self worth, will positively impact your marriage as it will shine brightly from you and you will attract more of the same goodness into your life.

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Check out what these readers have to say about the material...

"... finally breakdowns can be transformed
into breakthroughs ..."

5.0 out of 5 stars Father Effects - How it changed my Life, September 7, 2003
By Kimberly M., Deerfield Beach, Florida
"Shari Jonas knows how fathers can shape their daughter's path and dictate the men that their daughters marry. If you want to be aware of this important correlation and 'decide for yourself' you need to do the work. It will  guide your for the rest of your life."

5.0 out of 5 stars About Father-Daughter Relationships, February 26, 2004
By  Dee Marie, North Carolina, USA
"I never understood a lot of things about my dad or why he acted the way he did, or even how it really affected me until I read this book! It was the most eye-opening book I've read in a very long time! I now understand why I chose the men I did in dating, and why they all were basically the same person until this book! I also realized why I had so many "issues" and that they rooted from my childhood with my dad! I recommend this book to EVERY daughter of EVERY age! It's an excellent book, it kept me in tears from the beginning to the end!"

The longer you wait to get started, the longer you have to wait for your personal happiness and relationship success to begin.

Let's get you going right now!

Shari Jonas, B.A, F.L.E
Father Daughter Coach
Family Life Educator
Human Relations Counsellor

PS - This is the exact path I have followed to breaking all my negative relationship patterns, to improving my self esteem and self worth and ultimately finding my husband - my best partner ever!

Save hundreds of Hours of Therapy with the
Father Daughter Effects eWorkbook $39.97
Download the eWorkbook for $39.97


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